Very little is known about the Coronavirus (or COVID 19) at present. We do know that the illness is worse for those who have a weak immune system or are elderly.  Therefore, it is a good idea to get extra rest and take a multivitamin to boost your immune system. I have been using an immune supplement from Nutrametrix for many years during cold and flu season in Pittsburgh.  My staff really appreciate the fact that I almost never miss work due to infections. I first learned about it at a medical training course for doctors who are interested in nutritional approaches for better health.  The supplement is called Nutrametrix Isotonic Immune. You can purchase this from our website without leaving your home. Just click the link in the upper right corner that says “Purchase Nutrametrix”.

How to make your own wet wipes: 

Many of us have been surprised to find that we cannot find wet wipes to clean surfaces, countertops, etc.  There are simply none left to purchase, but as Americans we all have a bit of the pioneer spirit. You can make your own wet wipes with a simple 10% solution of bleach.  This diluted bleach was found years ago to be very effective at killing the HIV-AIDs virus and should be great for our current Coronavirus concerns.

First, find a large jug of household liquid bleach (unscented bleach should be used when cleaning surfaces that come into contact with food). Most us of have some in the laundry room.

Then, mix a small amount of bleach with water in a 1 to 10 concentration.  For example: 1 cup of bleach + 10 cups water OR ½ cup of bleach + 5 cups water.

Next, find white washcloths in your home, or any cloth that you do no mind getting bleached white.

Then, find a large, flat plastic container with a tightly sealing lid (to prevent drips and leaks).

Lay the cloths in the container. Pour the bleach mixture over the cloths, just enough to make them damp.

Snap on the cover to keep the bleach smell under control. Label the container appropriately so all household members know what this is to be used for.

When needed, pull out a cloth and wipe down surfaces. Wash the cloth later in your washing machine on hot. Do not wash your reusable home-made wet wipes with dark clothes.

That’s it – keep your family safe.  Leave those extra wet wipes at the store for those who really need them.

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