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More and more people are looking to vitamins and supplements to help them achieve optimal health. Choosing a nutritional supplement that best fits your needs may seem confusing.

Nutrametrix nutritional supplements have been a part of our practice for many years. We first became interested in these products when we found our patients having problems with low vitamin D levels. These patients were taking over the counter supplements from local stores without getting improvements in their low vitamin D levels. We tried prescription Vitamin D and this was no better. Finally we started asking our patients to use Vitamin D powdered supplement from Nutrametrix. The treatment was simple - just one teaspoon of powder daily in water. This gave them 5000 international units a day. Within one month the majority of our patients were getting normal vitamin D levels on their blood tests. After that correction they were able to reduce their dose to one teaspoon three times a week. All of this has really helped our patients with osteoporosis to improve their bone health and some with osteopenia (mild bone loss) have been able to avoid prescription meds for their bones. This is just one example of how Nutrametrix products have helped our patients.


Calcium supplements are needed to treat osteoporosis. But many women simply cannot swallow the large pills that most calcium supplements contain. Nutrametrix Calcium Complete solves this problem with a simple powdered form of calcium that is easy to take.

After menopause, the risks for osteopenia and osteoporosis greatly increase. Osteopenia is often considered to be a precursor to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones are considered to have become porous. Bones become weakened and prone to breakage. Supplementation and eating a diet sufficient in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3, as well as other vitamins and minerals, is important for preventing and reducing osteoporosis.


As we get older many women begin to experience bothersome gas and bloating. This results in a larger abdomen, poorly fitting clothes and embarassing passage of gas. Some of this problem can be due to a lesser production of digestive enzymes by our bodies as we get older. A lack of healthful intestinal bacteria is also a part to the problem. Nutrametrix has designed a product for this called "Digestive Enzymes". When taken with each meal this product gives us back the digestive enzymes we need to really digest our food. At the same time we get a healthy dose of probiotics to increase the healthy bacteria in our intestines. The combination results in better digestion and less gas, pain, and bloating. The Digestive Enzymes product has also been very useful for getting things "back on track" after an intestinal infection, "stomach flu", or even after colonoscopy.


Many of our patients complain about becoming more forgetful. They may have trouble remembering a name or just can't find the car keys! We now know that specific nutrition for the brain can help with this problem. This is because the neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain must be rebuilt on a daily basis. As we get older we absorb food less efficiently and it can be hard to get enough nutrients to build the brain chemicals we need for memory. Cognitin by Nutametrix provides many of the nutrients needed to maintain and preserve good brain health.

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