Office Policy during Coronavirus Season

Dr. Karen Rehder and the staff at Womens Gynecologic Associates are all here to support you during this period of social distancing.  Our staff is in the office every day, Monday through Friday. We are recommending that routine exams be postponed if you are well. This is in keeping with the President’s recommendations. We would like to keep all our patients healthy enough to stay strong and avoid getting the Coronavirus. However, we know that there will still be usual illnesses that come up during this time. We are still available to treat a range of medical problems.  If you are sick, please call us at 412-688-3653 and we will get you scheduled as quickly as possible. If you are well, please call us to reschedule. Patients who reschedule will have their appointment moved and their medications refilled for a few months without charge.

Here is a list of illnesses we can treat in the office in order to keep you out of the hospitals: 

  1. Bladder Infection/Urinary Tract Infection – These can progress quickly and require a hospital stay, especially for women over the age of 50.  Please call if you have symptoms such as frequency, urgency, or burning with urination.
  2. Vaginal Infections or Sores
  3. Pelvic/Abdominal Pain – Often due to simple problems that can be treated without going to the Emergency Room.
  4. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding- This should be treated to keep you strong enough to fight infections.
  5. Vaginal Bleeding After Menopause – This should be tested in the office to rule out uterine cancer.
  6. Breast Lumps- This should not wait, please call us immediately.

Here is a list of things we can treat by phone consultation in order to keep you at home: 

  1. Osteoporosis – We can review your DEXA bone scan results and discuss treatment options.
  2. Insomnia – We can help improve your sleeping to improve your immune system.
  3. Lab results or radiology results – We can review your blood tests, mammograms, and pelvic sonograms.
  4. Anxiety or depression- We can help treat these using various methods since this is a common problem in both PMS and menopause.

Once again, we are here to help so please give us a call. Medical treatment codes are being developed for payment for the purpose of phone care that you receive from your provider. Let’s work together to keep everyone healthy.

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