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"WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG"- Written on July 27, 2015

Why did I put off having surgery, when all in the end was so simple!! It was evident that I needed a hysterectomy, and bladder lift. I put this off for 3 years. Dr Rehder was highly recommended to me. After meeting her the first time, she put me completely at ease. I felt very confident about my impending operation. She explained the surgery process, the recovery, and how my body would feel after healing. The hysterectomy was necessary, as the uterus had dropped, and in addition there were serious bladder issues, i.e. Leaking, pressure, false urges, and always having to look for rrestrooms Although thoughts of surgery can make one apprehensive, my fears disappeared after waking up from the surgery, realizing how successful the operation had gone. Without going into detail about the recovery process, I am in awe of how it all turned out. Dr. Rehder was my "guardian angel". Her hands are pure gold! She handled the gynecological problem, as well as the urology issue. Her surgical skills surpassed my expectations, and above all, her kindness, and caring, made the needed, and long awaited surgery a complete success. It is now two months since the surgery. All of my past discomforts are gone. I got my life back due to Dr. Karen Rehder.

by Bonnie

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