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Dropped Uterus Treatment | Pittsburgh PAPelvic organ prolapse occurs when one or more pelvic organs prolapses or drops from its normal location and pushes against the walls of the vagina. It happens frequently when the muscles in the area are weakened from childbirth or surgery. Symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse include feeling pressure in the vagina from the pelvic organs, feeling very full, feeling a pull or stretch in the groin and having incontinence problems. Some women can even feel a ‘ball of tissue’ pushing out through the opening of the vagina. While this condition may be upsetting, treatment is not an emergency and prolapse can even sometimes get better with time.

For pelvic organ prolapse that does not improve on its own or results in severe symptoms, surgery may be necessary to repair the problem. Pelvic prolapse repair surgery includes many different procedures, depending on which organ is affected. These surgeries can include:

  • Repair of the bladder or urethra
  • Repair of the vaginal wall
  • Closure of the vagina
  • Hysterectomy


Bladder testing prior to treatment will produce the most successful and satisfying result for women with prolapse. Dr. Rehder normally performs a simple bladder test in her office to help determine the correct treatment for her patients with prolapse. This test is not painful, lasts about 20 minutes, and is covered by your insurance. If surgery is required, it is often less painful than other types of surgery and Dr. Rehder has been doing this sort of surgery for over 25 years. Some women who want to avoid surgery can have the prolapse treated in our office by insertion of a rubber supportive ring into the vagina. This supportive ring is called a pessary and this treatment is also covered by all insurances including Medicare.

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